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Arnauld Cassini is not the typical Bordeaux winemaker. The owners from the commercial Chateaus are usually seen in suit and tie, but you will most likely find Arnauld himself in the vineyards in jeans and a t-shirt. This is why we love Arnauld. His laidback style, hands off approach and revolutionary way of producing!

Arnauld and his wife lives in Libourne, but he has his roots deep in the Saint-Emilion where he worked for another, and way more commercial Chateau for many years. 

Among Arnualds best friends, mostly from Loire, you find people like Catherine and Pierre Breton as well as Didier Dageneau, whom is also his biggest inspiration in the vineyard work and vinification. 

Working with 100% merlot, he is aiming to show what that grape is capable of when not using new oak and over pump it. Arnauld is able to produce honest wines who got the more spicy and dark berry flavours, but in the same time brings balance, elegance and a harmonic acidity. 

In order to produce honest wines completely unusual from what "normal" Bordeaux tastes like, everything in the vineyards are done as natural as possible. Organic farming of course, minimal canopy management, no spraying of insecticides and no mildew chemicals. During harvest, which of course are done by hand, the sorting of grapes are done in the vineyard. 

After the pressing of the grapes, the fermentation takes place with indigenous yeast for around three weeks followed by aging for 22 month in cement vats. The wines are bottled unfined and unfiltered by gravity. Et voila, new-wave Bordeaux right in your face!

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