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Blazic is winery from the Slovenian region Brda. In the village of Plešivo, where you literally can see the Italien border, the family have been making wine since 1890! Back then it was the great grandfather Peter Blazic who bought the farm and dedicated it to grape and fruit production. Nowadays three generations live together at the farm, with Borut Blazic and his wife Simona taking care of the daily work in the vineyards as well as the cellar. 

The couple strongly believe that the wines are created by hard work in the vineyards. That transforms into the wines where you really feel the quality and hard work done by the family.

Blazic have always been nature-friendly. The vineyards are cultivated organically, the wines non-filtered and only at bottling they add a small amount sulphur. 

The family proudly work especially with the local and indegenius varieties Rebula and Sauvignonasse. Sauvignonasse is the same as Sauvignon Vert and Tokai Friulano. 
Beside the above two grapes the family also work with Malvazija, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Merlot.


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