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As Bobar usually say about themselves. The wines are made simply, but with precision, intent and craft. And that is the best definition you can put on them. 

In the small village of Yarra Glen in Yarra Valley, you'll find this small family run winery. Always eager to discover and most importantly, eager to produce great wines. Behind the delicious wines stands Tom and Sally! A wonderful couple who met each other at the viticulture school in Melbourne. 2010 was first vintages and they are of course stilling going on strong!

All wines are made from organic grapes and some wines completely natural, without addition of sulphites, where some of the wines gets only a dash at the bottling. 

The wines are light, refreshing and balanced. Not typical Yarra Valley wines, but that is for the better, and why we have chosen to work with them. 

With parcels spread over Yarra Valley, they produce brilliant Chardonnays, Viognier and amazing mixed wines often with both white and red grapes. If you get the possibility to taste the unsulphured ones, please go for it. You can recognise them by their tekstile label. 

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