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Welcome to the area of Parmigiano-Reggiano, Lambrusco and the lovely prosciutto! Beside those delicious things above, Emilia-Romagna produces amazing wines from old school traditions! 

Located in the Trebbia valley in the outskirts of Travo, you'll find the winery of Casè hidden in the mountains with no neighbours. Perfect for an organic producer, who don't want any chemicals sprayed into theirs vineyards. 

In charge of the little winery is Alberto Anguissola. A fantastic Italien guy from Piacenza who's dream came true when he took over the vineyards in 1999. 

Casè is a certified organic producer, but they are much more than that. Working without filtration, without addition of sulphites and in general they produce nice, balanced and wines full og concentration. 

The most famous is definitely the Casèbianco. It is an orangewine made from Moscato, Marsanne, Malvasia and the local variety Ortrugo. 7 months gentle maceration and no pump overs, just patience. It results in a delicious wine, with a dry og complex fruit but lots of freshness and aromatic notes! Beside they orange wine you can also find nice Pinot Nero and more old school true-to-area wines like the Calcarot made from Barbera and Croatina. 

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