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Located in Ternand just 30 kilometers north-west of Lyon you will find Domaine des Canailles. Behind this rather young winery stands to very skilled lads, Simon Pérot and Etienne Ubaud. The young guys took over the vineyards and cellar back in 2019 after been dreaming of these parcels in a long time. When it finally happened, they had a clear idea of what they wanted to do. Continue the great and sustainable work in the vineyards and start to produce wines without added sulphites.

Even though the vineyards were healthy and in very good shape they decided that they could do even more, so they moved onto biodynamic farming with more natural fertilisers, compost etc. etc. The result? even better fruit! That Combined with lowering the sulphur levels to just above zero or completely zero-zero. Yum-yum! 

The story of the to guys making wine together actually started way before 2019. In 2010 they met each other while studying wine business in the southern part of France. Simon then moved on and started working in Loire for Domaine des Grandes Vignes followed by an internship in Burgundy at the coveted and well known Henri Naudin Ferrand with Claire Naudin. Then he worked in Rhone and another Beaujolais producer before taking over the production in Ternand from Jean-Jacques Paire. 

Back to Etienne! After he finished school in southern France with Simon, he continued in school and took the sommelier education and worked for a restaurant in Toulouse meanwhile. Finishing the sommelier courses, he worked in a old and well known wineship before travelling the world. He moved back to France in September 2019 and went directly to Ternand where he did the first vintage of Domaine des Canailles along with Simon. 

We are in southern part of Beaujolais, tucked away from the 10 crus in the north. The soil in north is mainly dominated by Granite and Schist and in the south more mail. But in Ternard the majority of the soil is Granite. The Granite soils enjoys the biodynamic farming and that reflects into the wines, that of course of produced only by using natural yeast, produced without filtration and mostly without added sulphites. 
Simon and Etienne, welcome in the Allezallez familly!

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