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In the southern part of Burgundy, down in Maranges, you'll find Isabelle and Jean-Yves. They are the couple behind Domaine des Rouges Queues, a biodynamic producer having some of the most coveted vineyards around Maranges. 

Jean-Yves used to work for a conventional winemaker, and when him and Isabelle got their first kid, he caught himself walking arund in his boss vineyards spraying chemicals. It got him thinking of the health of their little newborn kid and made him decide that enough was enough. He wanted his own winery, no chemicals, organic farming and great wines as he knew them from Maranges! 

Domaine des Rouges Queues was started in 1998 and Isabelle and Jean-Yves haven't turned around since! Today they are farming 5 hectares across 15 different appelations. Among them are Bourgogne Aligote, Hautes Côtes de Beaune blanc, Santeney, Marange premer cru etc. 

Enjoy their old-school, but sustainable approch to their wines. If you are one of those people that actually is able to age wines, this is winery in your style!

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