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Domaine Les Grandes Vignes is a family story dating back to the 17th century! Since the beginning, the winery has been passing down their family land from generation to generation.

The Vaillant family has always been very focused on sustainable cultivation, but they decided to take it to the next step in the beginning of 2000. So, in 2008, they both received the biodynamic Demeter certification and stopped using sulphites in winemaking.

We are in the little village of Bellevigne-en-Layon, which is a half-hour drive from Angers. Domaine Les Grandes Vignes cultivates more than 55 hectares of land, a job that is extremely hard and demands a lot of work. But, as Jean-Francois says, hard work pays off in the final result: the quality of the wine!

The vineyards are spread around Bellevigne-en-Layon, with the oldest ones planted in 1948, the next ones in 1952, and new vineyards have been planted several times since then.

What we absolutely love about the wines from Vaillant is that even though they are made without the addition of sulphur, the wines don't necessarily have to be funky and natural in their expression. The wines are always very clean and without faults. In the best vintages, the wines are simply among the best in the Loire.


Domaine Les Grandes Vignes


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