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Flavia - a 1 liter ticket for a sensory experience. 

This is probably the best way to describe what Flavia is. Authentic wines with passion for tradition and the whole Sicily. 

The house was started by Francesco Rallo in 1860, when he moved out to the country side and started farming his first vineyards around the Baiata district near Trapani. Since then his son Giacomo took over. Then his son Francesco and then as of today, his children Flavia and Giacomo. If you quitted counting, it's now the fourth generation running the farm! 

Since Flavia and Giacomo took over, they changed everything up and down. From working in a conventional way, the winery is now certified organic and works in the most low intervention way possible, with only a touch of added sulphites at the bottling. 

The main idea in the vinification is all about showcasing the land where the siblings are from. The grapes speaks for themselves and shows their own uniqueness. All wines are aged sur lie, never refined nor filtered, but authentic and terroir-driven. 

The vineyards they farm are divided into two major Sicilian areas, Marsala and Etna, but with the majority in the Marsala. 

Try their unique wines, they are delicious, fresh, true to area and always come in proper 1 liter bottles! 

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