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Caroline Lededenté is the power woman behind Grain par Grain, a small winery located in the wild and dramatic area of Bugey. 

Driving towards Artemare, where the small winery is, you will find yourself in the most beautiful, given and also dramatic landscape. Here you will meet a young, very humble but also skilled winemaker. 

Caroline's way into wine started in Paris. In Paris she worked as a sommelier, but before that she actually graduated as engineer. Anyway, back to the wine. She wanted to get her hands more into the production and started her studies in viticulture at the wine school in Jura. After she ended her studies, she worked for several producers in the area, including Alice Bouvot from Domaine de l'Octavin. Here she learned how to produce natural wines and work with what the nature gives you. 
After her internship in Jura, she continued working for Gregoire Perron in Bugey. 

Bugey ended up being the place she fell in love with. Now she just needed grapes, a place to do vinification and tons of other things, like ordering bottles, cardboard, people to help during harvest ect. ect. 

Fast forward to where we are today. Caroline is finally, and well deserved, among some of the best and most coveted women in winemaking! Producing lovely, vibrant, true to the area wines with lots of personality. 

The future is great, Caroline. We are looking forward to follow the evolving of you and your amazing wines. 

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