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The Marteaux Guillaume estate, rooted in the picturesque village of Bonneil, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcases a distinct terroir, nestled in the hills of the Champagne region. Situated in the Marne Valley, the natural amphitheater provides an ideal environment for their vines to flourish amidst diverse soils—clay-silt, clay-limestone, marl, and clay—resulting in wines with complex and original characteristics. Their vines, carefully selected through massal selection, prominently feature the Pinot Meunier grape variety, thriving alongside Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Their journey began with Marcel Marteaux, the grandfather, initially a cooperative member, who later diversified into specializing in Champagne vine plants. This legacy, including the art of mass selection, was passed down through generations. In 1996, driven by the independence impulse of their son Guillaume, Joël and Catherine Marteaux transitioned from selling grapes to become grower champagne-producer.

Guillaume, an oenology graduate, gradually took the control of the winery in 2003, expanding the family business from 0,75 to 8 hectares today. Committed to the land, Guillaume embraced organic and biodynamic viticulture several years ago, cultivating vines without synthetic chemicals. Their vineyards, nurtured through grassing and natural compost, reflects the dedication to biodiversity. All this hard work for converting the vineyards rewarded Guillaume with his first certified biodynamic vintage in 2022!

Experience the essence of Marteaux Guillaume—where tradition meets innovation, and each bottle tells a story of dedication to the craft and respect for the land. Explore our webshop for a curated selection of their finest cuvées, each a testament to the passion and expertise passed down through generations.

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