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2021 "Enigma"

About this wine

An unknow grape. What. Maybe try and buy it and see if you can guess what it is? 
Anyway, this wine is BRILLIANT. Dark in color, but elegant, refreshing and with many layers when you drink it. Probably the red wine for the summer-barcecue!? 

Here's what Simone says about unknown grape used in his wine: 

 "When the harvest arrived, it was realized that the varieties were not the same as declared. After a year of research the mystery was solved, but the anonymity remained to prove that the unknown hides brilliant surprises and though dark is not to be feared. We believe that in a world where everyone knows everything about everyone, keeping a secret helps cultivate a lost intimacy."

Grapes: Unknown

Vintage: 2021

Producer: Indomiti

Country: Italy

Region: Veneto

Type: Organic red wine

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