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Discover the journey of Maxime Crotet, hailing from the Pays Beaunois, deeply rooted in the world of wine. His family's legacy at the Hostellerie de Levernois ignited his passion for winemaking. Under the tutelage of Frédéric Cossard, Maxime honed his skills in organic vineyard management and mastered the art of crafting sulfur-free wines, now known as 'Natural Wines'.

After a decade of learning and refining his craft, Maxime embarked on his own winemaking venture. In 2021, his quest led him to Beaune, marking the inception of his meteoric rise. Despite the challenges posed by the 2021 vintage in Burgundy, Maxime persevered and secured Pinot Noir grapes from Côte de Nuits. With the promise of a magnificent 2022 vintage and an expanding array of Burgundian appellations, Maxime's journey is one to follow closely.

We are thrilled to present the wines of Maxime Crotet, a rising star in the realm of natural wines from Burgundy and beyond. Stay tuned for the extraordinary wines crafted by this visionary winemaker!

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