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Mlecnik is a wine farm that has been producing wine for more than 200 years! Nowadays Klemen Mlecnik are in charge of the whole production, and he took over from his father, Valter Mlecnik. Valter has been a first-mover and among the first ones to incorporate a more healthy and sustainable viticulture and been practising farming without chemicals since 1986! A true legend in the Vipava region as well as Slovenia in generel. 

Speaking about Vipava. This beautiful region bordering the italian region Friuli, which actually was Slovenia back in the days. Located in the outskrits of Bukovica in the village of Volčja Draga, Klemen and his father cultivates 7 hectares. Mlecnik are producing whites and oranges from Rebula, Chardonnay and Sauvignonasse (Tocai Friulano) and a red wine from Merlot.

Sometimes we ask the winemakers what their key word is to produce such good wines. At Mlecnik it is patience. When you get to know the wines, you will understand why! 
The wines ages after the fermentation for two years on big old wood barrels before getting bottled. After the wines are bottled, they rest in the cellar for another two to three years before coming on the market. 

The wines are crazy balanced. Wines that will give you an utterly experience and wines that expresses where they are from perfectly! 


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