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Andrej Kristančič is the owner of Nando and have been in charge of the winery, started by his grandfather Nando, for more than 25 years. 

Located at the border to Italy, Andrej lives a quiet life in the village of Presivo in the Brda region. With a stunning view all the way to the Alps, he have a great overview of his vineyards in the valley just beneath the winery. The soil is dominantly marl or as the local Slovenians calls it, Ponka. 

The wines are made with a finesse and elegance that suits the sometimes sharp aromatics Rebula and Malvazija can have. On top of that long aging on barrels also give the wines a lot of balance and final results are always well-made and detailed wines. 

Wonder what that Blue or Black label means? The blue ones are stainless steel aged wines with a shorter maceration and also wines that are released younger. The black label wines are barrel aged wines, old barrels of course, and also wines that are macerated between 18 to 24 months. All wines have a very small amount of added sulphur at bottling. 

Andrej is a not a man of words, he let his wines speak for him. And the wines are singing! 


Nando Wine

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