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Ochota Barrels are among our most coveted producers. Often mentioned as the rock-n-roll producer. Ochota Barrels was started by Taras and Amber. They have been producing beautiful wines and were some of the first ones to push to the sustainable wine-wave in Australia. Today Amber is in charge of everything from pruning over harvest to bottling, after her beloved husband sadly passed away. Amber is doing a fantastic job and turns grapes into some of Australias finest wines. 

The winery are located in the Adelaide Hills, a fantastic and wild area a half an hour drive from Adelaide center. The vineyards are mostly in the Adelaide Hills, but they also have parcels in Mclaren Vale and a wonderful Chardonnay parcel in Piccadilly Valley. 

Working organic and in the low intervention way, the wines are expressive in a very elegant way, but always made without faults like moussyness etc. 
Everything is done by hand, of course, and only thing added is a tiny amount of sulphites just before the bottling. 

We are proud to represent Ochota Barrels in Denmark. You need to be quick, because the danish top restaurants knows how good the wines are and so does their guests. 

Amber, thank yor for your great job in producing these auspicious wines. 

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