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2019 Chardonnay "Bullswamp"

About this wine

Bullswamp Chardonnay comes from a single vineyard at an altitude of 130 meters above sea level. The vineyard is among the oldest in Gippsland and was planted by the most famous Australian winery, Penfolds. It’s important to mention that Patrick Sullivan and Penfolds do not have much in common, either in the way they farm or in the taste of their wines. Penfolds mass produce their wines, they don’t work in a sustainable way and they focus more on quantity than quality. Patrick’s wines are produced very differently. On the farm in Baw Baw Shire he works biodynamically and does not spray with any chemicals or use any additives. Besides the sustainable perspective, the yield is kept at a minimum in order to produce the best quality! 

2019 is, in Patrick’s opinion, his best vintage so far. The wines have a depth and clarity they have not had before. 2018 was also the year when he became more connected to biodynamic farm work and he is now starting to see the results of his hard work in the vineyard. 

Patrick's wines are always sold trough allocation to our restaurant clients, but we have saved a couple of bottles, so you have the possibility to try his excellent wines. Hurry up, before it's to late. 

Grapes: Chardonnay

Vintage: 2019

Producer: Patrick Sullivan

Country: Australia

Region: Victoria

Type: Biodynamic white wine

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