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Does Uffe en Jens sounds danish to you? And Poppelvej? Make sense! Even though the wines are made down under, it is made by the brothers from Hundested, Denmark.

After working in wine merchants and searching for wineries to bring back to Denmark, the little brother Uffe, couldn't resist Australia, their wines and her one and only Nicole. Uffe then decided to stay in South Australia and that is where the story about Poppelvej more or less starts. 

Uffe is living in Australia full time and Jens is still a danish citizen. Though, he is going to Australia to help in the vineyards and cellar as much as the visa allows him. 

Located in Mclaren Vale just south of Adelaide, the two brothers produces their wonderful wines. All grapes are sourced from organic and biodynamic parcels, where they throughout the year are taken care of the vineyard work as well as the harvest. 

The approach in the cellar is the low intervention way. Everything is of course harvested by hand, the grapes foot stomped, no artificial yeast, enzymes or what so ever are added and only at the bottling minimal sulphur is added. 

Great wines, nothing less. A very pure expression and wines that are hard to believe are from South Australia, in that juicy, elegant and refreshing style! 

We can't wait to show you their whites and orange wines. For now, enjoy their delicous reds! 

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