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Signora Luna is a new, small producer in Abruzzo. The wines are produced by Vincenzo Sulprizio, a local lad who was into producing wine. What he learned from his father and grandfather, are what everyone today calls natural wine. 

"My grandfather and my father taught me that wine can only be made in one way, that is, respecting nature and its cycles, and gently accompanying the grapes in their becoming wine, without forcing and using chemicals. . Now it is called natural wine, but for me it has always and only been called wine and it is the only way I know how to do it "

All Vincenzos grapes are harvested from organic certified vineyards and the majority of vines are planted on calcareous clay. The grapes are of course harvested by hand, spontaneous fermentation on either glass fiber or stainless steel. The wines are aged until Vincenzo thinks they are ready and not a second before. 

We love the wines due to its high drinkability! They are vibrant yet serious, mysterious yet controlled. We could continue, but we actually just recommend to try em' out!  

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