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Slavcek is an old-school producer tucked away in Potok. We are in the western part of Slovenia in the beautiful Vipava Valley. Potok actually means "in the middle of the woods" and that is exactly where you can find it! 

Franc Vodopivec and wife Alenka are the bosses at the family owned winery, dated more than two centuries back! The oldest record shows that it dates back to at least 1769 and back then was called Slavcevih, which means nightingale. The nightingale is still to be found on the labels, the little adorable bird, singing towards to the sky. 

The family farms about 6 hectares in total and the majority of the grapes are the native ones such as Ribolla Gialla, Tokaj Friulano, Malvazija and refosco. All of them are certified organic. 

The wines are made in the completely old-school and expresses the honest flavour of the grapes and region in a perfect mix. They work without maceration on some wines and the long traditional, Slovenian-style long maceration on others. What they all have in common is that the wines are honest, clean and authentic. 

These wines are a must try, if you are into, especially skin-macerated white wines! 

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