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Here we are talking about seriously good winemaking. Paolo and his wife are producing old-school, sustainable and great wines from organic certified vineyards. 

Imagine you are at the most beautiful hills, Nothern Italy, vineyards as long as your eye can see. This is here Vinicea lives, in Ottiglio in Monferrato, eastern part of the region. 

Patience, long fermentation and long ageing is some of the keywords on why they are able to produce such elegant yet energetic wines! 

You can find a complex and rich orange wine, an elegant Grignolino, mature Barbera, the modern Freisa and finally Barbera Superiore, with four years minimum on the barrels. 

Everything is done as old-school and in the low intervention way. Only indigenous yeast, spontaneous fermentation and no finning nor filtration. And sulphur is only added i tiny amounts just before bottling.  

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