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You have probably heard about Jason Ligas before. He have been producing wine in his families estate in Pella northern Greece with his father and sister. Aterwards with Patrick Boujo at the island of Samos and now in his own project at Mount Olympe, the highest mountain in Greece. 

Beside experience from Ktima Ligas and the project in Samos, it is fair to say, that Jason knows what he is doing. He studied oenology in France in Montpellier followed by working for Jacques Selosse, whom trained him and taught him about respecting and handle the grapes carefully. 

Jason is one the most kind and loveably human beings you can find. Beside that he is energetic and works his ass of in order to produce true to area wines with nerve, vibrancy and balance. 

The winery is located between Thessaloniki and Athens in the Rapsani appellation. It's an unique, difficult and very rocky terroir that is hard to work on. The appellation only produces blue grapes for red wines, but Jason does not want to be part of the appellation, as he wants the freedom to produce white blanc de noir, rosé and reds with freedom in the vinification. 

He has always learned about permaculture from his family and of course he is farming that way in his own project. All sprays for the vineyards are made with herbs and flowers from the mountain. And as he says, permaculture is not a way of farming, it's state of mind, it is philosophy. 

Do you want to know the ingredients is his wines? Grapes. Only. Grapes. Nothing is added, nothing is taken away.
- Vin vivant. 

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