Patrick Sullivan

“How’s that leaf looking? What’s the shape? What does it need? What is it telling me? Is it pointed, does it have a good structure, does it not? What’s happening in the environment? What’s happening up in the forest? How does that then connect with what’s happening down here? What is that cool breeze that I get from the forest every night, what does that do to the plant? What does that make deficient, does it give excess, or does it do anything?” That’s organic biology, dynamic biology that’s what it is.

That’s Patrick Sullivan speaking.

Patrick Sullivan, a statistician turned wine maker, lives in the Baw Baw Shire in Gippsland, Victoria. Biodynamic vineyards on Australian, volcanic soil. “We can’t not buy this farm,” Megan said back in 2013. That’s Patrick’s wife.

So they did, in 2014 after convincing the bank.

Vinification is old school here. All farm work is done without the use of machines. And without chemicals – it’s pure and honest grape juice.