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2021 Blend "Mali"

About this wine


OMG! Finally here. We have been waiting for this one for a long time now. Grapes comes from the area of Montona and from a single vineyard on the Quarin Hill planted in 1969 and 1970. Mixed planting in the vineyard of Pinot Bianco, Picolit and Malvasia Istriana. The vineyard is based on yellow sandstone with less to none topsoil. This parcel is the last one to reach maturation and harvest was done in mid september! 

The grapes are stomped by foot in a concrete vat and closed as quickly as possible. Hereafter the wine and skins macerate until April where the last grapes and are pressed. Then moved to another concrete barrel to age and settle before bottling. 


Grapes: Pinot Bianco, Picolit & Malvasia

Vintage: 2021

Producer: Nikolas Juretic

Country: Italy

Region: Friuli

Type: Organic orange wine

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