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2022 Gamay "Beaujolais Lantignie"

About this wine 


For the 2022 vintage on the Beaujolais, Maxime separated the harvest into two vats to conduct different vinifications in each one. In the first vat, he made a semi-carbonic maceration for around 10 days with very little pump-over and no crushing, resulting in a light yet tight Gamay. In the second vat, Maxime also initiated a semi-carbonic maceration, but this time for 20 days, with pumping over every two days and some crushing at the end of fermentation to extract color. This process gives a colorful and powerful Gamay with a beautiful roundness on the palate. 


Grapes: Gamay
Vintage: 2022
Producer: Maxime Crotet
Country: France
Region: Grapes from beaujolais vinified in Burgundy
Type: Red wine

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