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Indomiti tasting box

About this box

Simone Ambrossini is the man behind this wonderful little winery in Colli Berici, Veneto. First time we met him was in Berlin. We immediately felt in love with him and his wines. Such a purity, personality, and expression in his wines was hard not to getting hyped about. 

This tasting box includes three of his wines from the latest release, the 2021 vintage. 2021 Ramingo, his white/orange made from Sauvignon and Pinot Blanc with three days of maceration. 2021 Osai, the rosé full of energy and enthusiasm and finally his delicious red wine, 2021 Lottai. 

2021 "Ramingo"
2021 "Osai"
2021 "Lottai"

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