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2022 Pinot Noir "IGP Franche-Comté

About this wine


We are head over heels on this Pinot Noir and we can't really believe how good value for money this fantastic wine is. 

In the outskirts of Jura you find Vin du Moutherot, started by Henri Colin and today managed by his son Mathieu. This energetic and talented young winemaker produces organic wines as he learned from his father and grandfather with a few adjustments in the cellar. The filtration is not as rough as it used to be and the amount of added sulphites are decreased year by year. Delicious Jura-Pinot! 


Grapes: Pinot Noir

Vintage: 2022

Producer: Mathieu Colin (Vin du Moutherot)

Country: France

Region: Jura (Franche-Comté)

Type: Organic red wine

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