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Maxime Crotet 2022 tasting box

About this box

We are thrilled beyond words to announce our collaboration with Maxime Crotet! Here, you'll find a curated selection featuring three of his negoce wines from Alsace, complemented by three exceptional wines from Mount Ventoux in the picturesque region of Vaucluse within the Rhone Valley.

All wines are crafted from organic or biodynamic grapes, vinified in Beaune, Burgundy, with no intervention, filtration, or added sulphites. While these wines are crafted naturally, they remain deeply rooted in their respective terroirs, showcasing the authentic character of the region and grape varieties in the most indigenous manner possible!

Here's a six pack with the following wines: 

2022 Riesling "Riris"
2022 Gewürztraminer "Maceration"
2022 Pinot Noir "Nord-Est"
2022 Carignan "Carignan"
2022 Mourvedre "Mourvedre"
2022 Syrah, Carignan, Grenache "Sykanache" 

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