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Vaillant Tasting Box

About this box


We are extremely happy about our new addition to our portfolio, Domaine Les Grandes Vignes, also known as familie Vaillant. 

Located in the village of Bellevigne-En-Layon in Anjou, Loire. Here you find this wonderful family-run domaine, whom have been certified biodynamic since 2008 and works as natural as possible in the most low intervention way you can imagine. No filtration, no addition of sulphites. Just hard work, passion and healthy grapes. 

Try the full lineup we have in stock! 

2021 Blend "Le Pe'tit Vaillant" 
2021 Chenin Blanc "Le Varenne du Poirier"
2019 Chenin Blanc "La Varenne de Combre"
2021 Cabernet Franc "100% Breton"
2021 Blend "Le Pe'tit Vaillant" 

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