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Simone Ambrossini is the man behind Indomiti. A progressive and rebellious take on modern wine. Located in the beautiful Colli di Berici, tucked away between wild life, trees and with a stunning view on a little lake. 

The story of Simones really starts when he decided to move down under. He started working on several farms and in agriculture. Immediately he fell in love, especially when he discovered the world of wine!

Fast forward to his returning to Italy, he got his degree in enology and viticulture before gaining some work experience in different wineries. Now Simone was ready. His creativity and ideas needed to come out of his head and into practise. 26 years old, long-haired, good looking guy with the wallet full enthusiasm. 

Simone was able to stay in his homeland, just a twenty minute drive from Vincenza in Colli di Berici. Here he found three hectares of, more or less, abandoned vineyards he could rent. Indomiti was born. So were his babies, his amazing, full of personality wines. 

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