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Honest -, natural - and always well-balanced wines. 

In Colli di Berici in Veneto, you will find a lovely, humble and not too extroverted guy. This is Sauro. Sauro Maule. He is making some great wines, wines that are the definition of good-value-for-money-wines! 

Sauro has been working after the biodynamic rules for more than a decade and been certified organic up until his 2019 vintage. Not that he changed anything in the farming or winemaking, he just wanted to be a part a Vinnatur association, where the rules for agriculture is way stronger and harder to follow. By working together with Vinnatur, he also have a team of experts periodically analyzing the soil, monitoring insects, microorganisms and nutrient present in soil. 

Now we are working into Sauros amazing cellar. Where the magic happens. As some winemakers use to say. Well, no magic happens here, only good winemaking, respect of the indigenous varieties and patience. Everything is done manually and the final result in the wines speak for themselves. Sauro manages to produce wines that never has any faultiness like a moussy expression or wines with a too crazy volatile acidity. Only ready to drink bottles, full of life, vibrant energy and happiness. 

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