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Unkel have some of the most recognisable labels and if you came across them you are not in doubt it is a wine from them! Anyway, labels are labels. Yes, they can be pretty. But arguably the wine in the bottle is the most important thing. And we can assure you that the wines are amazing!

With a lot of experience from winemaking in Australia, Rob went back home to fulfil his dream of making wine in his homeland. The dream came true and today he is producing wine from his own organic vineyards alongside his wife Kate and their son, who is the grape-master-taster before the harvest begins! 

The wines are produced in the Aotearoa in the Nelson region at the north part of the south Island in New Zealand. Again, like all other of our producers, this is low-intervention winery. No cultural yeast, no addition of chemicals, no finning, actually just brilliant wines with a dash of sulphites at the bottling. 

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